Wall and ceiling panels

Want to change the way your house looks? Without the work taking three times as long as you thought and fraying those nerves to breaking point? Then Dumaclip®, the revolutionary wall and ceiling system from Dumaplast, is the answer. And you don’t need to be a handyman, either! Dumaclip can also often be used for outside applications.

Unique and revolutionary joining system

With the patented Dumaclip joining system a fastening is also provided at the top side of the panels. This enables you to bridge any length of ceiling or wall. The panels can be used to effortlessly panel the largest of surfaces.


With the unique Dumaclip joining system, you connect the panels at the top side without having to use expensive and difficult to install connection trims. The end effect of Dumaclip also looks much more attractive, as the joints on all sides are finished in the same way.

Advantages of Dumaclip panels


Dumaclip panels are made out of a plastic that is fully water-resistant and fully washable. Dumaclip is only meant for interior use, but the white Dumaclip can also be installed outside with applications like carports, garden sheds, etc. Note that some panels with foil are not fully waterproof (*). All of this info is specified on the insert in the box.


The user-friendly Dumaclip panels are only 120 cm long and extremely light in weight. This makes for very simple and quick installation. There are also panels with a length of 260 cm available.


The short Dumaclip panels are also easy to transport by car and the cardboard of the box offers additional protection during transportation.


When during installation you reach the end of an assembled row of panels, you simply saw the last panel to length. You then simply begin the new row with this sawn-off piece and build on and complete the wall or ceiling.

Our range

25 x 120
25 x 260
25 cm
120 cm
1 cm
8 x
2,4 m2

9 colours

UNI White cream high gloss

UNI White high gloss

Uni Grey White Matt Satin

WOOD White wood

WOOD Bleached pine (*)

WOOD Grey bark

WOOD Hornbeam beige (*)

WOOD Napoli

WOOD Pennsylvania (*)
25 cm
260 cm
1 cm
4 x
2,6 m2

2 colours

UNI White matt

WOOD White wood
gypsum board Dumaclip
fast and easy installation
clean work
waterproof (*)
no paint needed after installation
no grouting needed after installation
easy maintenance
light material
(*) Products marked with an asterisk are suitable in themselves for damp rooms, but direct contact with water must be avoided (e.g. in a shower or on the edge of a bath). Products without an asterisk may be used in all conditions.