Waterproof wall cladding with print in high resolution

Dumapan is our standard range of PVC waterproof wall and ceiling panels. ‘Synchronised Multicolour Printing’ (SMP) is a technique where our high-tech printer prints photorealistic images in high resolution (360 dpi) on our products. This results in a very realistic and true-to-life look of any wall. All the advantages of our regular Dumapan-panels panels also apply to these SMP panels.

Realistic decor print

The unique SMP technology (Synchronised Multicolour Printing) enables us to print our products panels with photorealistic images in high resolution. This results in a very realistic and true-to-life look.

Advantages of Dumapan SMP wall cladding


The printed panels are waterproof, colour fast and sustainable. Contrary to wood products these panels do not warp, crack or delaminate. Occasional cleaning with soap and water is sufficient to retain the new look and feel.


Dumapan panels are quick and easy to install. The wall panels are available in various widths (25 cm and 37.5 cm) with a length of 2.6 m and can be seamlessly installed on any wall and ceiling using nails, staples or adhesive.


The panels with SMP technology can be used throughout the house.


Dumaplast offers a 10-year guarantee, which is longer than similar products on the market offer. More info can be found in the guarantee file.

Our range

37,5 x 260
25 x 260
37,5 cm
260 cm
0,8 cm
4 x
3,9 m2

15 colours

Dark concrete

Dark concrete - 630

Bilbao masonry beige - 892
Bilbao masonry beige
Valladolid nature

Valladolid nature - 899

Driftwood horizontal - 902
Driftwood horizontal
Valladolid light grey

Valladolid light grey - 903

Metro 2 tiles - 906
Metro 2 tiles
Cement tile

Cement tile - 920

Teak - 937

Barcelona - 969

Calacatta - 982
Genova beige

Genova beige - 984

Lugano - 985
Genova grey

Genova grey - 986

Cipriano Fantasy Beige - A06
Cipriano Fantasy Beige
Sevilla Uni Concrete

Sevilla Uni Concrete - 945
25 cm
260 cm
1 cm
4 x
2,6 m2

1 colour

Masonry nature

Masonry nature - 907
gypsum board Dumapan SMP
fast and easy installation
clean work
washable ()
waterproof (*)
no paint needed after installation
no grouting needed after installation
easy maintenance
light material