Dumaplast believes that a green and sustainable policy is very important. Each day we are looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact. By harmonising ecology and economy we are investing in sustainable long-term growth.

A shortlist of the benefits of PVC

  • PVC is a safe and trusted product: PVC is used for blood bags, plastic tubing for surgery, medicine security bags and many other applications in the medical sector. It is also used in electrical cables, hygienic food packaging, safe and sustainable toys, plastic water bottles, etc.
  • PVC is easy to convert: PVC can easily be converted into many different forms, making it an ideal product for wall and ceiling applications, façade cladding, flooring, etc.
  • PVC consumes fewer fossil fuels than other basic plastics. PVC consists of 57% salt, a material that is sufficiently available in nature.
  • PVC is a relatively inexpensive construction product. That is why PVC is used for windows, wall cladding, doors, pipes and many other applications in the construction industry.