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How should Dumaplast panels be cleaned and cared for?

Use ordinary household products for looking after them. The panels can be polished to their original condition using a soft, non-abrasive cleaning agent. Normally you only need a damp cloth to clean the panels thoroughly. Do not use abrasive, aggressive substances or cleaning products based on chloride. We do not recommend using solvents.

For removing any limescale residue, we recommend the following products for Dumawall+ and Dumawall XL:

Antikal Classic
Cillit bang lime and gloss
Bref power
Ecover all purpose cleaner
HG scale remover
Acetic acid 5% = household vinegar
Citric acid 10%
Ammonium hydroxide 28% = ammonia
HG descaler
HG sanitary gloss
HG spray for shower & sink
HG descaler ECO