Frequently asked questions

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Why choose Dumaplast as a reliable supplier for your business?

  • All the product benefits specified above.
  • Over 30 years of expertise and know-how in producing high quality products. Dumaplast is at the forefront of PVC wall panel technology. We can offer products at competitive prices without lowering our high-quality standards. With our new-high-resolution printing technology we are truly the forerunners in this industry.
  • Dumaplast is a dynamic and flexible company. We have a dynamic team with a no-nonsense attitude that can make quick decisions when required.
  • We have an international mindset and are truly market-focused. If there is a certain demand in a specific country, we will look at the possibility of fulfilling such demands by producing new products or making alterations to existing products. For instance, we can develop custom-made products in case of high demand.
  • We offer a short delivery time. Orders can normally be dealt with quickly depending on the specifications of the order. Our standard range of products such as Dumapan clip, Dumapan lock and Dumapan XL XL are in stock so we can make fast deliveries.
  • We offer excellent in-house quality management. We have various fire certifications and achieve positive results in hygiene tests. We have all the necessary technical information to provide excellent backup sales support.
  • Dumaplast is willing to invest in your market. We are not afraid of product innovation and investing in new technologies. We have even patented some of our products following their success. We innovate while others imitate!
  • Dumaplast believes that our environment and sustainability are very important and, therefore, our environmental policy has a prominent place in our overall business philosophy. We are continually trying to minimise our environmental impact and ecological footprint.